How about sending messages to your users with SMS instead of WhatsApp?

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Unlimited Shipping

You don't have to worry about quota, package or limit as in bulk SMS.

All Message Types

You can't just send Text messages like you can with SMS. WApifly supports sending emoji, images, videos, documents and voice messages.

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with your own number

You send with your own number that you use WhatsApp.

API and Web Panel

You can send your messages from your own website or application, or via the WApifly Control Panel.

ignored and unread SMS in its place
Send your message with WApifly WhatsApp Send it easily.
Text message and emoji support
JPG and PNG image support
MP4 HD video support
PDF, Word, Excel support
MP3 audio file support
WhatsApp Channels support

With Wapifly...

  • You don't have to worry about credit, balance or limit.
  • Message length does not incur additional costs.
  • You send Text, Image, Video, Document and Audio.
  • You can easily send messages to the channels you own.
  • You communicate securely with end-to-end encryption.
  • You use popular technology instead of ignored and unread SMS.
  • Thanks to API support, you can send messages from your own website or mobile application.
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Choose the service plan that best suits your needs.

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Scan QR Code ­čô▓

The QR code we give you on your control panel, WhatsApp Complete the installation process by scanning it through your mobile application.

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That is all! ­čśŹ

Using WApifly is as easy as installing it.

User Comments

Granikos Travel

M├╝┼čterilerimize ay i├žinde birka├ž kez bilgilendirme ve b├╝lten g├Ânderiyoruz. WhatsApp taraf─▒ndan yap─▒lan g├╝ncellemeler sonras─▒nda tek seferde en fazla 5 ki┼čiye mesaj g├Ânderildi─či i├žin her b├╝lten d├Ânemi uzun bir i┼člem s├╝resi ve zaman kayb─▒ ya┼č─▒yorduk. ┼×imdi ise i┼či WApiflyÔÇÖa teslim ederek, i┼člemlerimize devam ediyoruz. Te┼čekk├╝rler Socifly ekibi. ­čĹĆ

Lili Bocouse

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Esther Howard

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Jane Cooper

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Do you have any Curiosities?

Do not worry.

As with sending SMS, there is no message sending limit on WApifly.

With WApifly you can send emoji supported Text Message (text message), Visual Message (JPG and PNG files), Document (PDF, Word, Excel, PowerPoint presentation) and Voice Message (MP3 file).

There is no character limit for sending messages with WApifly.

You can add a cancel link at the end of each Text and Visual Message you send.

WhatsApp messages will not be sent to the numbers you have added to the blacklist.

You can download your WhatsApp directory from the Contacts Actions menu as a Text Document (.txt) or a Comma Separated Values ÔÇőÔÇő(.csv) file.

You cannot see your past or instant conversations with WApifly.

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